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Find out when is the perfect time for a window replacement and its main advantages to get the comfort in your home that you’ve always wanted.

Maintaining your property is essential, and changing certain things, such as windows, is inevitable. While a window replacement may seem costly, it can add more value to your home in the long run than you can imagine.

When it comes to improving the performance and efficiency of existing windows, variables range from simple, low-budget fixes to more costly solutions that require replacing the entire window with a new one.

Sometimes, homeowners decide without knowing their options, evaluating changes in terms of cost savings and improved energy-efficiency, or even based on the age of the existing windows.

We’ve already asked the experts at PIC Home Pros what to consider before a home window replacement. Today we will share all their tips and tricks on how frequently you should replace windows, and other important aspects to consider before starting the project. 

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How Often Should a Windows Replacement be Done? 

Many professionals at windows replacement companies agree that quality new windows should last from 15 to 20 years before you start thinking about replacing them. However, this time frame can be shortened due to a number of factors.

The type of window you have purchased and the condition of the installation influence the need for replacement. In addition, the material used in the manufacture of the window also plays an important role in its potential longevity.

While the length of time the windows have been installed is a good indicator of whether it is time to replace them, there are also other signs that may appear. Let ‘s take a look!

Signs That Your Windows Need to Be Changed

When was the last time you checked your windows’ condition and overall status? Doing so will help you decide when, or if, it is time for a windows replacement. Pay attention to the following warning signs:

  • Soft fram: If you have wood windows, excess moisture can cause the sill to rot. If you notice that the sill feels soft to the touch, you should consider replacing the entire window and exterior frame.
  • Drafty rooms: If you notice cold drafts entering your home through openings other than vents, it may be time to install new windows.
  • Fogged glass: Condensation on double or triple glazed windows can get trapped between the panes through some opening. In addition, the fog could also be an indicator of a gas leak and should be taken into account.
  • Cracked windowpane/frame: A warped or damaged window frame should be replaced rather than repaired because it can compromise the effectiveness of insulation, siding, heating, and air conditioning. Cracks can also let in small bugs and insects.
  • Getting stuck: Continually opening and closing windows creates small grooves and gaps that, over time, can form cracks in the frame. These types of wear and tear due to aging are good indicators that you need a windows renovation.

What Are the Advantages of a Windows Replacement?

A window replacement can positively affect your home comfort levels and boost your house’s curb appeal. Additionally, changing your windows has many other benefits. Let ‘s go over them!

  • Savings: A windows renovation represents an important energy and economic saving, since it will help you to reduce the heating demand and will allow you to save on electric and energy bills.
  • Comfort: If you don’t have quality windows, no matter how heated your house is, you will never enjoy an optimal temperature.
  • No outside noise: With new windows, you can once again enjoy the silence and peace in your home thanks to the acoustic insulation that you can further increase with a specific glass.
  • Health: With a windows replacement you will be protected from harmful agents from outside, such as pollution, dust, wind, etc.
  • Protecting the environment: A high-performance window will reduce heating demand and, consequently, CO2 emissions. In addition, if the window is made of fully recyclable materials, the contribution to environmental protection will be even greater.
  • Security: One of the most vulnerable points for home burglaries are windows. We recommend that you choose a sturdy window that incorporates a good security system and guarantees protection.
  • Improve lighting: Windows are the main factor that will determine the amount of natural light that enters your home. It is important to replace your old windows that turn your rooms into dark places.

Now you already have an idea of when to change the windows of your house. If the time has come, it’s best to rely on renovation experts. At PIC Home Pros we offer a professional, budget-friendly and stress-free windows replacement!

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